Get Started

  1. Start roku guide and setup roku device
  2. Connact roku to internet so it will download new software
  3. You will recieve Roku activation code on tv screen
  4. Visit in web browser to activate roku
  5. Submit the Roku link code and follow on screen instructions
  6. Create or sign in to roku account
  7. Hurray!! Roku activation process is completed.
  8. Add channels and enjoy streaming.

What is

The Roku is a digital video player. It can streams videos, movies, news channel and much more through the high-speed internet. If you can purchase new Roku box then you need activation code for its activation. It allows the user to watch more than 10,000 movies and a lot of programs on different channels. Roku is very famous streaming player. You can access of lot of movies and your favorite TV serials on your own demand. This device is an extraordinary option to enjoy your day as it supports subscription as well as rental channels. Get Roku Activation help from support.

How to setup Roku device using Roku guide?

  • Step 1: Start Roku Guide
  • Start with unboxing roku device and follow Roku guideto connect audio and video connection with HDMI ports. A single HDMI cable is able to carry both Video and audio signals. It can support up to 1080p HD video playback on Roku players.

    1. HDMI:- Plug one end of HDMI cable into an HDMI-IN port of your TV. Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of your Roku player.
    2. Component:- Plug the component connectors from one end of the cable into the corresponding component-in ports on your TV.
    3. Composite:- Plug in the composite video and analog audio connections from one end of the cable into the corresponding A/V-in ports on your TV.

  • Step 2: Connect Roku to Internet Network
  • Now connect Roku device to the internet connection. You can use wired or wireless.

    1. Wired:- You can add it through the standard Ethernet cable.
    2. Wireless:- Make sure you have the appropriate wireless network and your wireless security password.

  • Step 3: Get started by turning on Roku
  • Connect the power adapter into the Roku player and the wall outlet. Roku will be a reboot and will show the screen with the following commands:-

    1. Roku - Starting, please wait.
    2. Roku - launching home screen.
    3. Welcome to the Roku player.

  • Step 4: Download Roku Software
  • If you selected the Wireless network, then Roku will automatically download and install the latest software. After the software update, the player will reboot.

  • Step 5 : Get Roku Activation Code
  • When your roku device is completely setup, an activation code for roku will be displayed on screen. Note down the code carefully as it will be required to activate roku.

  • Step 6: Activate Roku from
  • Once you get the roku link code, follow the steps to activate roku

    1. Open web browser and visit
    2. Enter Roku activation code
    3. Click on submit and follow on screen instructions

  • Step 7: Create or sign in to Roku Account
  • Once you submit roku link code on, you need to login to roku account using email and password. But if you are a new user, create a new roku account. visit and follow on screen instructions to create a new roku account.

    1. Firstly, open a web browser and type
    2. Further you need to fill all the required details
    3. Now, Tap on continue.
    4. Create a Secured PIN and click Continue.
    5. After that, you will be redirected to a new page where two alternative payment modes will be there.
    6. If you choose the online method of payment option.
    7. Then you have to create a 5-digit zip code based on the numbers of your actual zip code related to your credit card.

  • Step 8: Activate your favorite Roku Channels
    1. Once if the Roku device setup is done, Visit the Roku channel store
    2. Move to the search tab
    3. Begin the channel search .Type the channel name navigating to the search tab
    4. As the channel search results appear, select and use the option, Add channel
    5. If the added channel doesn’t appear, it’s good to perform a system update( Use the settings >system >system update)

Troubleshoot Roku Activation Issues

While activating the Roku streaming device with the help of Roku activation code, it is obvious to come across various faults and errors. Follow the below steps to resolve the issues and carry out the activation smoothly.

  1. If you come across any errors while providing the Roku activation code to the link, do not panic. Give a try for the second time and input the code. If the issue still persists, acquire a new link code with the help of Roku remote.
  2. When the Roku player gets stuck after entering the Roku activation code, patiently wait for few minutes because in some cases it may take a while.
  3. If the issue does not resolve, ensure that you have completed the entire activation steps correctly. Additionally, the speed of internet connection also plays a vital role to avoid activation issue.
  4. You must also check whether the HD TV and the Roku streaming device is securely and safely connected to each other with the help of HDMI cable.